What is recruitment?
Recruitment is the membership intake process used by Greek Organizations.

What is a bid?
A bid is a formal invitation to join a fraternity or sorority.

How do I accept a bid?
You accept a bid on Bid Day which is usually the last day of formal recruitment for fraternities or sororities. They are picked up in the Student Life Office on a specified date.

nphc2If I receive a bid do I have to accept it?
No. You are not forced to accept a bid if one is extended to you.

What should I look for in an organization?
Each person has different interests and needs. Most people chose which organization they prefer by figuring out who they fit in with and who shares their interests (some groups are more focused on academics while others may focus more on community service). While they may all be great groups remember to pick one that you feel like you can be a part of. The greatest difference between Greek organizations and others is the concept of brotherhood/sisterhood.

What if I go through recruitment and find out that Greek Life is not for me?
That’s okay! Greek life isn’t meant for everyone, just like not everyone likes to watch tennis or golf or take Calculus III. By going through rush you are already a step ahead of most other students who didn’t go through rush, because you know the leaders on campus and you’ve learned of different resources that are available to you.