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Did you join your chapter through formal recruitment or open recruitment?

Have you recruited others through formal or open recruitment? Please describe your experiences.

What have you gained from your chapter experience? In what ways have you contributed to your chapter?

As a recruitment counselor, how would you deal with any chapter stereotypes that a potential new member articulates?

How would you describe “ethical behavior” as it pertains to the position of recruitment counselor?

Besides helping PNMs to find the “right sorority for them,” why do you want to be a Recruitment Counselor?

Please describe characteristics that you possess that will make you a good Recruitment Counselor.

Are you in academic good standing with your individual sorority (not on probation for grades, etc)?

What do you think will be the most difficult aspect of disaffiliation? What will you do to cope with this problem?

How well do you tend to work with others? Do you work well with strangers?

Please state at least one positive characteristic about each of the two sororities of which you are not a member. (Example: If you are a Delta Zeta, please state one good trait about both Phi Mu and Sigma Sigma Sigma).

To your knowledge, do you have a family member or close friend that will possibly go through Recruitment in the Fall semester? If yes, how do you plan to handle this situation if you are chosen to be a Recruitment Counselor?

Will you be available during the spring semester and summer to attend Recruitment-related activities? How will your work/school schedule affect your ability to participate in the Recruitment process in the spring and throughout the summer?

Do you consider yourself to be an Indian or a chief and why?