Nicholls Greek Life offers many intriguing opportunities for young men–a social setting for men to create life-long bonds, a place to acquire and hone leadership skills, an outlet for the desire to serve the community, and a group that will provide the support necessary to succeed in all areas of life. As proof, many young men connect with their fraternity’s alumni for career guidance and even employment opportunities. 

The IFC conducts a formal recruitment period when students return to campus in August. During formal recruitment, IFC will organize various activities to allow potential members to get to know the fraternity brothers and understand what is involved in being an active member. At the conclusion of recruitment, fraternities will extend bids (an invitation to join).

We invite you to check out our chapters, even if you are not sure you are interested in Greek life. Many current fraternity men entered the recruitment period with no idea what they wanted, and many of them will tell you that joining a fraternity was one of the most important and rewarding choices they have made at Nicholls. 

One misconception about IFC Recruitment is that it only occurs during the month of August. In fact, many of our chapters recruit upperclassmen during the spring semester as well. If you are interested in becoming Greek yourself, do not limit yourself to getting to know Greeks in August alone. We encourage prospective members who are sophomores, juniors and seniors to consider membership opportunities during the spring semester.

If you know members in an IFC organization you are interested in, you can contact one of their members about more information regarding the chapter’s recruitment during the fall semester. 

If you have questions contact Jack Toups, IFC Vice-President of Recruitment, at jtoups33@its.nicholls.edu. 


The deadline to register for Fall 2018 Men’s IFC Recruitment is August 12, 2019.