Risk Management

Anti Hazing Policy Statement

Students at Nicholls are expected to be partners in the process of fulfilling the mission of the University by creating and maintaining standards within student groups, team and organizations that are conducive to personal growth and development. If student groups, teams, and organizations are to play an integral part in the University’s plan, they must set standards that challenge each individual to achieve his or her greatest potential. Hazing is the antithesis of this goal, in that it attempts to tear down the feelings of individual pride and self-esteem of the individual, supposedly in order to create some esprit de corps in the group.

 Alcohol and Tobacco Policy Statement

Nicholls State University strives to create an environment, which promotes and reinforces healthy, responsible living, within the context of its educational mission. To this end, and because of the risks to the health and safety of the individual and community, the University is opposed to the use and abuse of alcohol and any other drug for any purpose other than legitimate use.  The University is committed to upholding all local, state and federal laws concerning use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs, and will support efforts in the campus community to confront violations of these laws.  All student groups and/or organizations serving or permitting alcoholic beverages at any campus event must use the designated University food service contractor, for cash bar services. Nicholls State University is a tobacco free campus.  The use of e-cigarettes and tobacco product in any form (smoking or chewing) is prohibited.

Code of Student Conduct