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Dedication to Us

by Mel Kenne


God how lucky I am to be frustrated and depressed,

rather than simply driven and complacent

in my being lost in some meaningless obsession!


In this world, we are truly we, leaning toward

each other and sometimes touching together

the tender center of our one suffering I,


finally understanding the meaning of Cesar Vallejo’s

clear observation: “Today I am simply in pain,”

a case in which the nit-picking nobodies have


nothing to say to us, and for our part, we can

do nothing but say ourselves again and again,

our tongues empty of all but their meaning.


It is there we arrive and it is there we begin:

Sun and Moon, Day and Night, the same thing.

We are only we, rising or setting, collapsing


at formal dinner parties and then getting up

to find ourselves alone, in open fields with a few drops

of rain like a fine condensation forming lines


on our cool, naked skin. How lucky we are to

be here, wherever we find ourselves, each night,

each day. Grateful for this and for knowing,


and wanting to know, nothing more. But only

speaking, saying again: “How sad, lucky and strange

we are to be sharing this life, my friends.”