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Oh Poem

by Tatjana Debeljacki


Yesterday I was enormously strong.

I immured wishes with no hope in love.

With cheerfulness I painted all the agonies.

Let the scents shine in flowers.

let the blossoms of my joy bloom.

I ‘m reminding with the poem of wrath.

Mature bodies are turning after the immature.

Their breathing varies, uneasy…

Loud resounding of panting secretly.

Liveliness wants to play the open hand.

Exciting liveliness has piercing tendencies.

Tickling with eye the pigeon’s feather.

Listen to the bird in mouth, imprisoned by vocal cords.

Dive into the river springing from the eyes.

I am walking towards your beauty through the world

brightened with meadows.

Prepossessed conscious of immoral principles is waking up.

I found you cramped with rigor,

Asleep on the threads of moonlight.

Scarified dignity.

I’m always late in everything, held by demanding.

The sky is opening, getting bright for happiness.

You are lifting up still sleepy and unaware of your

magnificence measured by centuries.