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Your Freckles Compared to a Muddy Waters Song

by Danti Di Stefano


after Bei Dao


Between me and the world: you are the one

bent note that breaks a chord into that lack,

the longing of porch swings and honey bees,

which is to say, you sail on, long distance,

through the air with sepals as receivers.


Yeah, those sunlight dabs the good Lord flecked on

your nose, dappled on your chest, and drizzled

on your shoulders make me want to holler

hallelujah, talk about black cat bones,

and grab my Saint John the Conqueror root,


which is to say: between me and the world,

you are a nation that twangs in my gut;

you are what rocking chair does to floor board

when a plucked string sets a body to shining.