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The Woman I Love

by Donney Rose

The woman I love
is a cinnamon-coated shotgun
her heart is Christmas dinner
her mouth is 4th of July
she’s my favorite holiday
the woman I love
is the storm before the apocalypse
she’s a spring thunder
a stubborn sunlight
when she glows, she lights up everything
the woman I love
loves me like a motherfucker
calls me motherfucker
like it’s a pet name
reminds me
that love is colorful speech
the woman I love
writes me obscure love poems
with verbs all hopped up on caffeine
the woman I love
is a knockout blow
a soft landing
is the punch line to a prayer

The woman I love
is tenderized metal
she melts
and breaks
and spills everywhere
the woman I love
only edits her rough drafts
nothing else
the woman I love
lays it all on the line
crosses the line
changes the line’s symmetry
dares you to undo it
the woman I love
is the bold font
to my italicized indifference
and she loves me
out loud