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no hard feelings

by Kerry O’Keefe

keep drinking    it is possible there is a wild wind
out here you don’t have a name for.
which means you can’t pull it apart

turn the sun and the moon
into the spinning hands of a clock gone wild

I remember you saying
you didn’t like to walk    so just lay there

see which of your friends
forgets you first
even as you think they talk

keep drinking    one can never be too thin

we know you don’t
want to look foolish on the job

maybe you were never quite sure
you wanted her    just told yourself a story

your liver still has a few months left

watch that rope just sink
and pull away    barely ripples
as the ship moves on

no hard feelings    keep drinking

it helps the rest of us
not envy your genius

I’ll see to it
my art prospers    if not yours

I’ll see to it
not a moment you have wasted
will be wasted