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Issue One: Fiction

Union Square

by Danny Goodman Elizabeth watched the old man in Union Square. He was tall, she could tell, although he sat on a makeshift stool only a foot or so off the ground. His silver hair, connected to a beard, rounded the circumference of his mostly bald head and reminded Elizabeth of Jean-Luc Picard. So did […]


The True Sorrows of Calamity Jane

by Joseph Boyden   The night Bill Hickock was shot in the back of the head at a Black Hills poker table by the coward Jack McCall, my mother indeed grabbed a meat cleaver to take her revenge on that fuck.  She ran barefoot through the streets, a buckskin jacket slung over her nightgown, the […]



by Forrest Anderson Little Brother hides the carboys, airlocks, and racks inside the crumbling brick foundation of his tenant house where he makes Pink Panther 1, Pink Panther 2, and Wild Night in Rocky Mount. It’s cool all year round. He keeps it sweet by adding granulated sugar and juice from dandelion petals, scuppernongs, or […]


The Sisters of Dudda

by Jessica Pitchford You can’t help it. The town is called Dudda, and as you walk through it—somewhat gingerly, for the slow ache that’s already started creeping up your body—you can’t resist thinking, I bet my money on a bob-tailed nag. Somebody bet on the gray. You’ve spent the day on a bike tour of […]



by Reggie J. Poché Ronnie entered Star Grocery, the town of Remyton’s only such store, and as had always been the case his wide reflection was cut in half, slenderized by the sliding glass door. He had to pass Flick, who solicited just outside, pacing under the door’s electronic sensor as if he were teasing […]