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I’m in Your Hands

by Mel Kenne

That’s almost all I want to say.
But a small explanation: the you
I’m speaking of may not be who
you think it is, although it is, we
may say, an inspirited being who
possesses two hands and likes to
hold things in them, sometimes
even other inspirited beings like
its own. This you can be very gentle
then, as it caresses the hair and
warm skin of the being it is cradling,
and it may like to hold the other
being this way for as long as it
possibly can — which may or
may not be very long. How long
exactly can depend on how long
the being being held wants this
cradling or embracing to continue.
At its best it comes to an end as
if naturally, with both beings left
happy after each has had a turn
at being held and as holder of
the other. Each has held another’s
attention for the length of time
needed to achieve both’s desired
quota of satisfaction. So, what then?
That’s it — all I wanted at this
time to say. Thank you, friends,
for being here and listening, as I
now give myself over to your hands.