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Twenty-Seven One-Liners on Death

by J. R. Solonche

1. Before we are born, we are not alive, yet we do not call this death.

2. For many, death is the best thing to ever happen to life.

3. Death is the world’s second greatest mystery.

4. The opposite of death is not sex, as some would have it, but food.

5. Death brings us full circle even though circles do not exist.

6. Death is what we wish on our enemies when imagination fails us.

7. To the question, Death, where is thy sting? the answer is, In the left anterior descending coronary artery.

8. Death must be very well made to be guaranteed for life.

9. The reason we meet death with such astonishment is that we have no memory of birth.

10. Death has a generous spirit, for it allows us to believe anything right up to the very end.

11. Death is a dead end without end.

12. Death is the life of the party.

13. Death may be on the other side of life, but it is still on this side of the Great Mystery.

14. Death is in the details.

15. Death is our preoccupation until it is our post-occupation.

16. Death has a heart of lead which philosophers have for centuries sought in vain to transmute into gold.

17. Death answers everyone but answers to no one.

18. Our blood’s life is death’s life’s blood.

19. Of all the millions who have lived vicarious lives not one has ever died a vicarious death.

20. Death makes strange bedfellows.

21. All death is local.

22. At the time of our death, everything falls into place.

23. Feel sorry for death which doesn’t have a life of its own.

24. Death must be drop-dead gorgeous, for it takes your breath away.

25. Death is funny sometimes since it comes when you most expect it.

26. You shall be the death of me yet, death!

27. Alas, death doesn’t hear us, for death is dead to the world.