Little Colonels Academy Policies

Drop-off Procedure | Pick-up Procedure | Third-party Release | Sick Policy | Dress Code | Open-door Policy | Visitor Policy | Dismissal | Abuse and/or Neglect | Complaint Procedures | GTG Preschool Emergency and Evacuation Plan |2015-2016 GTG parent Policy Handbook

Drop-Off Procedures
Parents/guardians who will bring their child in the morning must do so no earlier than 7 a.m. The program will begin at 9:00 a.m.; therefore, it is requested that no child arrive later than 9 a.m. This will ensure that all children are counted within the lunch count for the day. If a child arrives after 9:00 a.m., it is requested that the parent call ahead to notify GTG of the late arrival. An absence for the entire day should also be reported before 9 a.m.

Upon arrival, parents/guardians are to walk their child into the building and sign the time of arrival on the sign-in sheet. A staff conducted health check must be performed daily upon arrival. Parents/guardians are required to stay until the check is complete and approved. Parents/guardians must then assist their child with hand washing before leaving him/her with the Lead Teacher.

Pick-Up Procedures
The center will close at 5 p.m. Parents/Guardians should pick up their child before this time. Each child must be signed out before leaving the center.

In the event of a custody dispute, parents should notify the director and, if applicable, submit the legal documentation stating to whom the child may be released.

Note:  There is a five minute grace period after 5 p.m. After the grace period, there will be an assessment of a $1.00 fee per minute. This fee should be paid to the GTG staff at pick-up.

Third-Party Release
No child is allowed to leave the center with an adult other than the parent(s)/guardian(s) unless a Third-Party Release form is completed by the parent(s)/guardian(s). All persons included on the Third-Party Release form will be required to send a copy of each authorized person’s driver’s license. Identification may be requested at the time of pick-up. If an emergency occurs and someone who is not listed on the Third-Party Release form must pick up a child, parents must call and notify the director. Proof of identification will be required upon their arrival.

Sick Policy

Since it is very important to keep sick children home, a child displaying signs of illness will not be allowed to attend preschool. Infectious and communicable diseases spread quickly in a preschool environment. To protect your child and other children, please follow these guidelines about keeping your child home:

  • Vomiting – two or more times in 24 hours
  • Body rash – especially with fever or itching, lice, or nits
  • Diarrhea – three or more watery stools in 24 hours
  • Eye Infection – thick mucus or pus draining in the eye
  • Sore Throat – with fever or swollen glands
  • Not feeling well – usually tired or pale, have lack of appetite, are confused or cranky
  • Fever – temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more (taken under the arm) and sore throat, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, earache or just not feeling well

When your child is sick, have plans for back-up child care and explain the situation to the teacher, even if he/she stays home.

Note: Immunizations must be up-to-date and a copy must be included in the child’s file.

Dress Code
The children spend time sitting on the floor, playing outside and participating in activities that may be messy; therefore, clothes that are washable and comfortable are recommended. Mandatory: All girls (when wearing skirts or dresses) need to wear shorts covering underwear. Please consider the following suggestions:

  • All children must wear everyday play clothes. Please, no Sunday best.
  • Have him/her wear comfortable shoes with rubber soles (no clogs).
  • Dress him/her in elastic pants (no all-in-ones that snap at the crotch).
  • Dress him/her according to the weather conditions.
  • All coats, sweater, hats and jackets should be personalized with the child’s name.
  • Each child must have at least one set of extra clothes at the center. These should also be labeled with the child’s name.

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Open-Door Policy
The GTG Preschool center has an Open Door Policy. Parents, guardians and family members of children who attend the center are always welcome to visit our center. Please follow these guidelines to help us maintain a high-quality learning environment for our children:

  • Please limit adult conversation in the classrooms.
  • For extended conversations with the teachers, please leave a note in the teacher’s mailbox. The teacher will follow up with a call to set up a time to discuss concerns.
  • When you enter the classroom, the staff turns responsibility of your child back to you.
  • Please help reinforce the “rules” of the classroom with your child.

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Visitor Procedures
Visitors should report immediately to the GTG entrance (side door of the building) and signing-in is mandatory. After signing in, visitors will receive a visitor’s pass that should be worn during the entire visiting period. Before leaving, visitors need to sign out and return the identification badge to the GTG personnel.

Permanent Dismissal
A child may be dismissed from GTG after several attempts (at the discretion of the director) have been exhausted to control repeated destructive behavior causing harm to other children and/or members of the staff. Before a child is considered for dismissal, the director and administration will meet with the parent(s) to discuss the best course of action to help the child adjust his/her behavior(s). Specific grounds for dismissal include but no limited to:

  • Violent behavior towards peers or staff – including biting, hitting, pushing, shoving, verbal threats, or causing any physical harm to another person,
  • Not adhering to described dress code,
  • Non-payment or consistent late payments of fees,
  • Use of inappropriate language and terms,
  • Poor hygiene,
  • Inappropriate physical expressions,
  • Excessive tardiness in the morning and/or afternoon, and
  • Refusal to follow the GTG policies and procedures.

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Abuse and/or Neglect
As mandated reporters, all preschool administration and staff shall report any suspected abuse and/or neglect of a child to the local Child Protection Agency.

Complaint Procedures
If a problem occurs, parents should make an appointment to speak with the Director to resolve the issue.  If parents/guardians have significant, unresolved licensing complaints, they may contact the Louisiana Department of Education Licensing, P.O. Box 4249, Baton Rouge, LA 70821;  phone: (225) 342-9905,  fax:  (225) 342-2498.