Nursing/Allied Health Clinical Requirements

Clinical Immunization Requirements

The following immunizations are required to participate in the Nursing and/or Allied Health clinical programs:

Influenza Vaccine — (1) dose of Infuenza vaccine administered during the current flu season (September-March) (Nursing program only)

Measles or (Rubeola) — (2) doses of Measles vaccine or positive Measles antibody IgG titer.

Rubella — (1) dose of Rubella vaccine or positive Rubella IgG antibody titer.

Mumps — (1) dose of Mumps vaccine or positive Mumps antibody IgG, EIA Serum Titer

Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis  – (Tdap)
-Must be within last 10 years and take you through the entire semester for compliancy.
-If you cannot show proof of vaccination, you must get another Tdap vaccine.

Hepatitis B — series of (3) vaccines or positive HBV Surface Antibody Quantitative Titer

Varicella (Chickenpox) — (2) doses of Varicella vaccine or positive Varicella-Zoster Virus Antibody IgG titer.
-Results must be positive >1.10

Tuberculosis (TB Skin Test) — Students must provide documentation of annual TB Skin testing or blood testing. Acceptable documentation for negative results includes a negative blood test administered within the past 12 months or a negative one-or two-step skin test administered within the past 12 months. *Acceptable documentation for positive results includes a clear chest x-ray report and a symptom free TB questionnaire following last positive test result submitted on school specific form only; and a physician clearance documented on letterhead following positive test results. Annually, a symptom free TB questionnaire is required. For any symptomatic TB questionnaire, all of the above documentation for positive test results are required.

*No waivers for above vaccines are accepted.

Physical — All Nursing and Allied Health students are required to have physicals done upon entering clinicals. Allied Health departments should issue physical forms and those must be completed by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant.
-Download a copy of our physical form here: Student Physical Form

COVID Vaccine — Two (2) doses of WHO and FDA approved COVID-19 2-dose vaccine or (1) dose of the single dose vaccination.

COVID-19 Exemption Request form: If a student requests exemption for medical* or religious reasons, the Request for Exemption from COVID-19 Vaccination form must be completed and signed. *Physician’s statement is required for Medical exemption.
Online version of COVID Exemption Request

Students who fail to provide required evidence of clinical compliance as listed above will not be allowed to enter clinical nor remain enrolled in any clinical course. Failure to renew health requirements that are expired during the semester will prevent the student’s participation in clinical activities, which will constitute an unexcused absence.