Important Notice about UHS & Student Health Insurance

Changes made to the student medical health insurance policy will not change any of the services offered to students at University Health Services.  Students carrying 7+ hours each fall and spring (4+ hours each summer) will continue to be assessed a Student Health Fee and a Physician fee.  This entitles you to use Health Services.

Once a student has paid their Health fee and the Physician fee, along with the other student assessed fees at the beginning of the semester, they have free access to use the University Health Services office/staff during that semester.

You can still:

§  See the nurse or nurse practitioner at no extra charge
§  Get your compliance paperwork for classes
§  Get free answers to your medical or health questions
§  Get free healthy lifestyle educational informationPlease note:  You may incur fee charges for any procedures, medications, or laboratory tests that need to be done by the medical staff while you are at the office. You can discuss this with the Health Services staff before any charges are placed on your account.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the University Health Services office at 985-493-2600.