Honors Credit Course by Petition

By proposing and completing additional, exemplary work in a course that is not an Honors course, you can earn Honors credit in that course. Just like completing an Honors course (Art 111, for example), completing any such “Honors-by-petition” will count toward the 24 Honors credits required to complete the Honors Program and to earn the Honors Award at graduation.

To begin this process, you must approach the course instructor with the proposition of earning Honors credit in the course. An instructor unfamiliar with the process may ask you to see and read the Petition and Proposal Form for instructions. You and the instructor will collaborate on designing this additional work, and then you must describe the specifics of the work in a brief paragraph that must be signed and attached to the form. The form requires four approval signatures before submission to the Honors program so you should organize your petition in a timely manner.

Satisfactory completion of additional work, as deemed by the instructor, will result in “Honors Credit Earned” appearing below the course name on your transcript. For additional information (guides and forms), please see Student and Faculty Resources.