Reasons to Join

You already know the University Honors Program can offer  you early scheduling and opportunities to travel abroad.  What else can the University Honors Program do for you?

Smaller Classes
Students in the University Honors Program enjoy smaller, exclusive classes and more personalized attention from their instructors.  Honors classes typically have 25 students or less.

Outstanding Professors
The various academic departments at Nicholls assign outstanding professors as instructors of honors courses.  Honors professors are distinguished in their fields of study and offer honors students the greatest learning experiences on campus.

Opportunities for International Travel
The University Honors Program sends groups of students every year to England and Costa Rica for academic and  humanities credit and the experience of a lifetime.  For more, please see Honors Abroad.

Early Scheduling
Honors students register for classes on the first day of early registration each semester.  The week prior to registration, students have the opportunity to meet with discipline specific advisors and Honors advisors to help students create next semester’s classes.

Impressive on Applications
Admissions specialists at graduate and professional schools look favorably at candidates who graduate with honors from the University Honors Program.  Upon completion of the program and graduation, your official university transcript will be Honors certified.

A multitude of scholarships, including the prestigious Goldwater, Marshall, Udall, and USA Today scholarships to name a few, are funneled through the University Honors Program each year.  Announcements of these scholarships and Nicholls scholarships are forwarded to the honors students and applications are available at the Honors Office.  For Nicholls scholarships, students may go to the Financial Aid (Scholarship) Office in Candies Hall.

Honors Student Council
Honors students elect their own governing council.  The Honors Student Council serves the needs of the Honors student body through programming activities, supporting academic offerings, and providing representation on the Honors Faculty Committee.

State and Regional Honors Conventions
The University Honors Program is a member of the Louisiana Collegiate Honors Council (LCHC) and the Southern Regional Honors Council (SRHC).  The Nicholls Honors Program participates in the LCHC, an annual convention which is held at various colleges and universities around the state.  In its first year of participation, Nicholls honors students won the LCHC Quiz Bowl championship.  Students also participate in academic symposia at the convention, sharing results from their classroom and extramural research with fellow honors students around the state.

Special Academic Events
Students in the Honors Program enjoy guest lecturers and workshops, visit special festivals and museums and experience other classroom-enhancing activities.  Honors students participate in many academic events, including sponsorship of the annual Honors Thesis Research Symposium.