Meal Plans

Choosing a meal plan:

All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan. The Residential Meal Plan options are designed to meet the needs of any active college student.  Students have a choice of three meal plans, each with three different tiers. These provide a guaranteed number of meals per week.

The Vernon Galliano Dining Hall serves 19 meals a week:

  • 3 meals a day on Monday through Friday and
  • 2 meals a day on Saturday and Sunday.

When choosing a meal plan, consider how many meals a day you like to eat and the number of days a week that you will be dining on campus.  New this year is Unlimited Access Dining Meal Plan. The Unlimited Access plan will enable students to re-enter the dining hall as many times a day as they would like, even if it is just to grab a cup of coffee and a quick snack.  The 19-meal plans offer access to the dining hall for 3 meals a day. For those that may not be on-campus on weekends we offer the 15-meal plan, which allows students 3 meals a day Monday- Friday. Will you miss dinner due to a job or evening classes? We also offer a 10-meal plan, this is for students that will be going home on the weekend and may only need 2 meals a day in the dining hall.

The difference between the Silver and Gold packages is not in the amount of meals but in the amount of Munch Money included with the plan. Munch Money can be used to purchase food and beverages at our on-campus dining locations such as the Colonels Retreat, The Grid, and Jazzmans.

The Bronze Meal Plan and the Declining Balance Plan are available only to Brady residents.


Price per semester (fall or spring):

Silver Meal Plan $1,670.00 per semester

  • 10 Meal Plan , 5 days/$285  Munch Money
  • 15 Meal Plan , 5 days/$228  Munch Money
  • 19 Meal Plan, 7 days/$212 Munch Money

Gold Meal Plan $1764.00 per semester

  • 10 Meal Plan, 5 days/$362 Munch Money
  • 15 Meal Plan, 5 days/$305 Munch Money
  • 19 Meal Plan, 7 days/$290 Munch Money

Unlimited Access Meal Plan $2120.00 per semester

  • Unlimited Access Plan, 7 days/$200 Munch Money

Bronze Level (Brady Apartment residents only) $993.00 per semester
5 Meals, 5 days/$310 Munch Money


Bridge Plans/Break Meal Plan 

The bridge plan is a mandatory  meal plan for all international students and others who need holiday break meals.  The holidays include Thanksgiving in the fall and spring break and Mardi Gras break in the spring semester.  The Christmas break is not included

Silver Plan $1,933.00 per semester

  • 10 Meals, 5 days/$285 Munch Money
  • 15 Meals, 5 days/$228 Munch Money
  • 19 Meals, 7 days/$212 Munch Money

Gold Plan $2,032.00 per semester

  • 10 Meals, 5 days/$362 Munch Money
  • 15 Meals, 5 days/$305 Munch Money
  • 19 Meals, 7 days/$290 Munch Money

Unlimited Access Plan $2,120.00 per semester

  • Unlimited Access Plan, 7 days/$200 Munch Money 




To change your chosen meal plan, please log into your Housing Portal and complete a Meal Plan Change Request Form (located on your home page).  Meal Plans requests are accepted until the 10th day of classes.