Ellender Hall

Ellender Hall is a six-story, traditional residence hall consisting of  double rooms and single  room offerings.

The hall, is  home to male and female students, who will be separated by floor assignment.

The living community will focus on participation in campus activities, including educational, cultural, athletic and recreational activities.

Ellender has a 24-hour Internet accessible computer lab available to all residential students with their Colonel Card. The hall also contains a spacious lobby, kitchen and laundry room available for use by all residents.

Ellender’s suites consist of two rooms joined by an open hallway and central bathroom. The entire suite is accessible to all roommates residing in the two rooms of that suite.

Each room:

  • Measures 20 feet long by 10 feet and 9 inches wide,
  • Contains two twin beds, two desks and two closets,
  • A shared bathroom and foyer with the adjoining room
  • Can be occupied by two residents (double) or a single resident can choose to purchase a private side of the suite (single).