Ellender Hall

Ellender Hall is a six-story residence hall consisting of rooms that hold 4 students in each. Ellender’s suite-style living consists of two room spaces that are joined by an open hallway and central bathroom (pictured below). This residence hall is home to male and female students separated by floor and is one of our most cost convenient housing options.

Room Amenities:

  • Measures 20 feet long by 10 feet and 9 inches wide,
  • Contains two twin beds, two desks and two closets,
  • A shared bathroom and foyer with the adjoining room
  • Can be occupied by two residents (double) or a single resident can choose to purchase a private side of the suite (single) if space is available.

Building Amenities:

  • 24 Hour Internet accessible computer lab available to all residential students with their Colonel Card
  • A spacious, fun-filled lobby equipped with a flat-screen Tv, pool table, and seating area
  • Fully equipped kitchen & area for dining with vending machines and ice
  • Laundry room available for use by all residents