1027-residence-promo-01.jpgWho you live with is just as important as where you live. Whether you have one roommate or three, chances are that you will need to adapt. Getting along with roommates requires some give and take.

Nicholls knows that choosing a roommate can be intimidating. You don’t want to live with someone who sleeps when you’re awake and hates your must-see TV shows. Therefore, the Office of Residence Life offers assistance with choosing and living with your new roommates.

Request a roommate

Don’t want to move away on your own? Convince a friend to attend Nicholls and become your roommate. The majority of the time, your roommate will be the person you specify on your housing contract.

Select a roommate

Don’t know anyone to request as your roommate? No fear. The Housing and Residence Life office will select a roommate for you.

Get along with your roommate

You and your roommates probably won’t agree on everything. However, living with your roommates should not be an unpleasant experience. Learn more about roommate agreements and how to handle roommate conflicts.