Living With Your Roommate


Living with a roommate can be a learning experience. It’s fun to get to know another person who has a different background or even hometown from you; however, it’s also challenging if you and your roommates have different ideas about cleanliness, sharing of personal items and sleeping with the TV on.

Some residents have found that the roommate relationship runs more smoothly if they communicate from the start about their room preferences and boundaries. We suggest that you try using a Roommate Agreement (PDF), often known as a Roommate Contract. Completing one with your roommate is a great way to start talking and avoid future problems.

Roommate Disharmony

Even in the best relationships, problems or conflicts sometimes arise. In these instances, it is important to attempt to work through the differences. Various alternatives are available to roommates who are willing to work through their problems together. Use the following steps for resolving your roommate issues:

  • Initially, sit down with your roommate to talk about the problem and possible ways to solve it. Be very honest with your roommate, and be a good listener.
  • If you cannot resolve the problem by talking with your roommate, make an appointment with your Resident Assistant. You and your roommate can try a second time to work through the problem with your RA acting as a neutral third party, mediating the discussion.
  • If your roommate problems persist, talk to your Hall Director. Your Hall Director will resolve the issue or authorize a room change (when space is available).