Oops! That was a fake link!

Boots is disappointed because you fell for a phishing email and has reported you to IT!

Next time you receive a suspicious email, send it to us at phishing@nicholls.edu!

What was wrong with this email?

Tips on how to identify a phishing email:

Things to look for:

  • Check the URL of the link the email is asking you to click on.
    • Hover over the link with your mouse to verify it will bring you where it says it will
  • Look for poor grammar, weird tones and expressions in the text, or weird formatting.
  • Check the display name.
    • Does the name of the sender match the email address?
  • Look for odd looking email addresses, URLs, or attachment names.

Questions to ask yourself:

      • Are you expecting this email?
        • Don’t click on a link if this email was unexpected.
      • Is there a sense of urgency?
        • Phishing attacks often try to cause panic to catch you off guard so that you react before you have had a chance to think.
      • Is there a link redirect?
        • Always hover your mouse over a link before clicking it to verify its actual destination
      • Are you being asked for your credentials?


We will NEVER ask you for your password!!!

Did you receive a suspicious email? Forward it to us at phishing@nicholls.edu before clicking anything!