WEPA Printing System

Nicholls State University is now using WEPA as your campus printing solution. WEPA is a flexible solution for printing and offers a much higher quality output. WEPA offers the following advantages:

Accessibility – You can now print from the following 14 locations

Lobby Peltier Hall
Lobby Jazzman’s Café (ADA)
Polk Hall LRC
Lobby of LaMasion Clubhouse
Lobby of Scholars Resident Hall
Lobby of Zeringue Hall
Lobby of Millet Hall
Ellender Residents Hall
Lobby of Babington Residence Hall
Ellender Library Lab 1st Floor
Lobby of Bollinger Student Union (ADA)
Cenac Computer Lab
Lobby of Calecas
Reference area of the Library on the second floor


The WEPA system uses a high quality paper and produces outstanding print quality.

Mobile Printing

You can now send email and attachments to any WĒPA™ kiosk. Whether you are using the iPhone, Android, or Blackberry you can download the WĒPA™ “app” from app member’s page and send documents to any WĒPA™ kiosk.

Coupons and More

Nicholls will be able to solicit vendor coupons and have them printed on the Kiosks at no charge to the students.


Use your Colonel Card or Credit/Debit card.