Results from past Graduating Student Survey administrations and trend analysis

Trend analysis of Graduating Student Surveys  –  The chart below shows two different trend analyses by semester for Fall 2009 – Spring 2015. The first chart shows the percentage of graduates responding “helpful” or “very helpful” for the items listed on the “Highlights” page (e.g., ability to write well, speck effectively, prepare for further education, etc.). The second chart shows graduate satisfaction with departmental faculty advising (e.g., advice received, willingness of adviser to assist, effort made to keep appointments, degree adviser kept up-to-date on curricula changes, and overall adviser effectiveness) over the same time frame.

Trend analysis Selected items Academic advising items
Fall 2010 – Spring 2016 Trend Trend

History of Previous Graduating Student Surveys:
The table below shows survey results by semester from Spring 2008-Fall 2010, and from Fall 2012-Spring 2015.

Administrations by semester Reports
Spring 2017 Reports
Spring 2016 Reports
Fall 2015 Reports
Spring 2015 Reports
Fall 2014 Reports
Spring 2014 Reports
Fall 2013 Reports
Spring 2013 Reports
Fall 2012 Reports
Spring 2012 Reports
Fall 2011 Reports
Spring 2011 Reports
Fall 2010 Reports
Spring 2010 Reports
Fall 2009 Reports
Spring 2009 Reports
Fall 2008 Reports
Spring 2008 Reports
Fall 2007 Reports