Interdisciplinary Studies Advising

Interdisciplinary Studies Advising Mission Statement

The academic advisors within the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies consider advising to be an integral part of the teaching and learning process for our students, faculty, and staff. Effective advising benefits the entire college community, fosters strong community relationships, and helps us to meet the department’s¬†mission of providing excellent, high quality, affordable educational opportunities for our students. Through individual, collaborative relationships with our academic advisors, students are best able to define and implement sound educational plans that are consistent with their personal values, goals, and career plans.



  • To help students explore education goals
  • To develop suitable educational plans and customized programs of study for each student
  • To teach students how to monitor progress toward established educational goals
  • To encourage students to utilize college support services
  • To raise graduation and transfer rates at Nicholls State University


  • Students will demonstrate the ability to make effective, healthy decisions concerning their educational goals
  • Students will develop an educational plan that includes their program of study for successfully achieving their goals
  • Students will select courses each semester to progress toward fulfilling that educational plan
  • Students will gain an appreciation of the value of higher education beyond getting a job
  • Students will make use of campus resources as needed to achieve their educational goals
  • Students will exercise realistic self-appraisal as they recognize their strengths and weaknesses

Checklists links:  A degree plan (audit) is a guide to achieve your academic goals. It describes the degree requirements and specifies courses selected to meet them. It is your responsibility to schedule an appointment with your advisor to develop your plan. This should be done early in your course of study. While the audit/degree plan is intended to be flexible, you should not deviate from it without the permission of your advisor. Otherwise, you run the risk of taking courses that may not be applicable to your degree. No student will be approved for graduation until all requirements have been met.

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