Fall 2011 Alumni Survey Highlights

Highlights from the Fall 2011 Nicholls alumni survey include:

Helpfulness of Nicholls – The alumni survey asks respondents to related the degree of helpfulness Nicholls provided in developing their skills in a variety of areas. 82% of alumni reported that Nicholls was “helpful” or “very helpful” in developing their “ability to write well”, 82% in developing their “ability to use critical thinking skills”, and 64% regarding their “ability to use mathematical concepts”. For comparisons between one and five-year alumni on selected items, click here.

Satisfaction with Campus Facilities & Services – The alumni survey concludes by asking respondents their level of satisfaction with different campus offices and facilities during their tenure at Nicholls, ranging from the bookstore to the library and counseling center. Prominent findings from the Fall 2011 survey include:

  •  Academic advising, the library, and the bookstore were used by 98% of 2011 respondents, making them the most commonly used services. For a full list of the percentage of respondents using campus services, click here.
  •  98% of respondents that utilized the Nicholls library reported being either “satisfied” or “very satisfied”, which is the highest level of satisfaction of any campus service. For a graph  showing the percentage of respondents that were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” for each campus facility or service, click here.
  •  For comparisons between one and five-year alumni on service utilization, click here. For comparisons between one and five-year alumni on satisfaction with services, click here. For comparisons on specific survey items, click here.


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