History of past ETS Proficiency Profile Administrations

History of past ETS Proficiency Profile Administrations:
Nicholls began administering the ETS Proficiency Profile (formerly known as MAPP) in Fall 2006 to students that had completed their general education courses. For each administration, click on the appropriate link in the table below to see: 1) Summary of Scaled Scores (i.e., means) for Total Score, the Academic Skills subscores (critical thinking, reading, writing, and math), and the Context-Based subscores (humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences), and 2) the Summary of Proficiency Classifications for the Academic Skills subscores.

Administration Scaled Scores Proficiency Classifications
Fall 2006 Means Proficiency
Fall 2008 Means Proficiency
Fall 2009 Means Proficiency
Fall 2010 Means Proficiency
Fall 2011 Means Proficiency
Fall 2013 Means Proficiency


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