Sat. February 22-23
Nicholls Lacrosse began in the Fall of 2001 with a few students practicing with only lacrosse sticks and a few lacrosse balls. By the Spring semester of 2002, the team began to pull together and practices became more regular and equipmentbecame more abundant thanks to the support of Nicholls Recreation Department. Going into our first season, we have pulled together as a team and we have shown marked improvement daily.

Our future team goals include:

1. Joining the United States Lacrosse Intercollegiate Associates (The national Governing body of Club Lacrosse).
2. Winning the Lone Star Alliance Division B.
3. Helping to create a Nicholls State Women's Lacrosse Team

"Lacrosse is a great sport to play because anybody can dramatically improve through practice and repetition. Sports such as football and basketball rely so much on speed, quickness, strength, and jumping ability that those who excel are usually those who are the most naturally gifted. In lacrosse, these gifts definitely provide an advantage but they are not as important as the basic ability to pass, catch, and pick up ground balls." -Jesse Hubbard (Former Princeton All-American attackman and Team USA member)

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