Experience Costa Rica!

The Department of Languages and Literature is pleased to announce that the Experience Costa Rica! study abroad program is now open for enrollment. There are two tracks that students can take in Costa Rica:

1. Humanities 405 (HUMA 405) and Spanish 101 or 102 (6 hours)
If you choose the Spanish track, you will take either Spanish 101 or Spanish 102 in addition to HUMA 405. By studying in Costa Rica, your language learning will be constantly reinforced by your immersion in the culture and language. Intensive study with a Nicholls’ professor will be enhanced by Spanish practice outside of the classroom.

2. Humanities 405 and English 266 (6 hours)

If you are doing the all-English track, ENGL 266: Nonfiction Prose Writing will involve your writing travel diary entries, giving descriptions of each place you will visit, and also exploring cultural differences between your home communities and various Costa Rican communities. You will also explore differences within the Costa Rican communities that you visit.

For more information, please phone: (985) 448-4854, or email Dr. Robin White (robin.white@nicholls.edu) or contact Dr. Bryant Smith (james.smith@nicholls.edu) at (985) 448-4980. The deadline to sign up is December 18, 2013.

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2nd Annual Undergraduate Humanities Symposium Results

Second Annual Undergraduate Humanities Symposium Results

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Second Annual Undergraduate Humanities Symposium.

Prizes for best papers have been awarded to the following students:

First Place–$100

Brandon Naquin, “An Assessment of Wildness in “Walking” and The Blithedale Romance

Second Place–$55

Danielle Evans, “The Art of the Story: An Examination of Kara Walker’s Silhouettes”

Third Place–$25

Lillie Connor-Flores, “Skeletons in the Chimney: One Man’s Struggle with Sexuality and Society”


All of the students who participated in the Second Annual Undergraduate Humanities Symposium enriched the intellectual atmosphere of Nicholls.


The Department of Languages and Literature is proud to announce the course offerings for the Summer 2013 semester. As you will see, the summer sessions (full term, mini term A and B) have just as many interesting course offerings as the fall and spring semesters; not to mention, many of the classes are offered online! So if you need to catch up on some class requirements, want to get ahead in your degree program, or simply want to take a fun elective, please consider a summer session course…or two!

The Department of Languages and Literature
SUMMER 2013 course offerings

Mini Term A (June only)

ENGL 101: Composition I—Portier or Spencer
ENGL 102: Composition II—Portier or Robertson
ENGL 210: Themes:  Literature of India—Barker
ENGL 255: Short Stories and Novels—Spencer
ENGL 256: Poetry and Drama—Robertson
ENGL 266: Creative Non-Fiction—Tracy
ENGL 310: Business Communications—Sirois (2 sections)
ENGL 315: British Literature I—Banville
ENGL 321: American Literature I—Duet
ENGL 325: Major Authors: Edgar Allan Poe—Theriot
ENGL 366: Advanced Composition—Barker
ENGL 368: Technical Writing—Duet or Walton
ENGL 468: Technical Writing for the Sciences—Banville
ENGL 475: Topic: The Short Story—Conner
ENGL 507: Literature of India—Barker
SPAN 101: Beginning Spanish I—Smith
SPAN 102: Beginning Spanish II—Smith

Mini Term B (July only)

ENGL 101: Composition I—Stanga or White
ENGL 102: Composition II—Tuman or Conner
ENGL 210: Themes: Seven Deadly Sins—Stanga
ENGL 212: Literature for Teachers/Children’s Lit.—Stacom
ENGL 220: Intro to English Studies—Barker
ENGL 255: Short Stories and Novels—Stacom
ENGL 256: Poetry and Drama—Robertson
ENGL 316: British Literature II—Mainieri
ENGL 366: Advanced Composition—Mainieri
ENGL 368: Technical Writing—Kennedy
ENGL 463: Studies in the Novel—Tuman
FREN 101: Beginning French I—Durocher
FREN 102: Beginning French II—Durocher
FREN 3xx: TBA upper-level French elective
SPAN 101: Beginning Spanish I—Vitale
SPAN 102: Beginning Spanish II—Roques

Full Term (June and July)

ENGL 100 and ENGL 100L: Composition—Charpentier
ENGL 102: Composition II—Landry or Cheramie
ENGL 240: Intro to Film Studies—Bernard
ENGL 255: Short Stories and Novels—Leblanc
ENGL 256: Poetry and Drama—Schmidt
ENGL 307: Shakespeare’s Sonnets—Perkins
ENGL 310: Business Communications—Bernard
ENGL 322: American Literature II—Laplante
ENGL 368: Technical Writing–Laplante

The Creative Writing Reading Series–SPRING 2018

The Creative Writing Readings (CWR) series is back! The CWR is a series of social events sponsored by the Department of Languages and Literature. At these open-mic events, students from across campus are able to present their creative writing (poetry, short fiction, and non-fiction prose) to an eager audience of students and faculty in a relaxed environment.  For more information about the Creative Writing Readings or the Creative Writing club feel free to contact Dr. Kathy Conner, ext. 4436, 246K Peltier Hall.

All CW Readings take place in the NSU Student Union.  There are 3 scheduled readings this semester:


 – Colonel’s Retreat – Student Union

5:00 p.m. – 


Wednesday – February 21:   African-American Voices

Wednesday – March 21:  Open Mic

Tuesday – April 17:  Senior Showcase



Gris-Gris: An Online Journal of Culture, Literature and the Arts has launched! Housed at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana, Gris-Gris exists through the joint effort of faculty and staff in the Department of Languages and Literature.

The first issue, Fall 2012, is proud to feature both local and internationally acclaimed writers such as  N. Scott Momaday, Ann Marie Macari, Karen Head, Joseph Boyden, Jessica Pitchford, and others.

Let Gris-Gris cast its spell on you!

Follow Gris-Gris on Twitter @ gris-gris@grisgrislitjour.



For students who are non-Native English speakers, the Department of Languages and Literature now offers special ESL sections of English 101 and 102: Composition. These courses are reserved for international and ESL students. If you need more information on these course sections or would like to enroll in the course, please contact the department at 985-448-4453.

English 102 Students Visit Grand Isle

During the spring 2012 semester, the students of Mrs. Becky Leblanc’s English 102 course visited Grand Isle, LA. The course, which was focused on “the bayou country,” allowed students to compose rhetorical arguments about the culture and current issues of South Louisiana’s “Bayou Region.” The students studied Mike Tidwell’s book Bayou Farewell, a non-fiction account of Tidwell’s experiences traveling through the disappearing “Cajun Coast.”