Dr. Myron Tuman

Professor of English and the Leonard and Belle Toups Chair in Writing (2003-2006)

B.A., University of Pennsylvania; M.Ed., University of New Orleans; Ph.D., Tulane University.


Dr. Myron Tuman joined the Nicholls faculty in August 2003, where his primary charge is to provide leadership to the department and the campus on means to enhance undergraduate writing instruction.

He previously spent 18 years at the University of Alabama, where he trained teaching assistants in freshman composition and developed one of the first and largest university-wide computer-based writing programs. This work on computers and writing has taken him in two directions.

On one hand, he developed writing software, including Norton Textra Connect, later published as ConnectWeb. On the other hand, Tuman has also authored four theoretical studies on literacy theory, dealing mostly with the impact of technology on how we read and write. A book from 2002, CriticalThinking.com has the intriguing subtitle “A Guide to Deep Thinking in a Shallow Age.”

Since arriving at Nicholls, he has published two books: Melville’s Gay Father and the Knot of Filicidal Desire, a literary study of uncommunicative father in 19th-century novels, and Literary Plays: Adaptations of Brontë, James, and Turgenev.

In 1995, Tuman gave a plenary address to the Australian Teachers of English, in Sydney, and in 1996, was a principal speaker at the Festival of the New Arts in Rotterdam. In 1993, he was fourth recipient of the University of Alabama’s Blackmon-Moody Award, given annually to a faculty member for “extraordinary contributions that reflect credit on the individual, his or her field of study, on students and on the University of Alabama.”

Tuman grew up in New Orleans, graduated from Ben Franklin High School and received his Ph.D. from Tulane and an M.Ed. from University of New Orleans, where he had his first college teaching experience. Before that, he taught at the Louise McGehee School in the Garden District. He met his wife in New Orleans where all three of his children were born.

Tuman’s professional training is detailed in his curriculum vita.


Contact information:
Phone: 985.985.1788
E-mail: mtuman@sprynet.com