Mosaic: Student Literary Magazine

Mosaic showcases the best of student writing, art, photography and original music. The magazine is funded by student fees and is edited by students. The purpose of Mosaic is to stimulate interest in creative work and to provide a medium of expression for students with literary talents. Mosaic, the official literary magazine of Nicholls State University, was first published as Pencil Tracks. It is published annually through the Department of Languages and Literature.

Copies of the most current Mosaic may be found in the following buildings across campus:

Beauregard Hall    ⇒    Candies Hall          Ellender Library         Elkins Hall     ⇒    Jazzman’s Cafe    ⇒    Peltier Hall        Polk Hall    ⇒    Powell-White Hall    ⇒    Talbot Hall     ⇒    Student Union Lobby


Download and read the Mosaic 2012, Mosaic 2011, Mosaic 2010

Check out the behind the scenes look at how the 2015 Mosaic was made here.


Chief Faculty Editor

Katherine Conner, Chief Faculty Editor

246K Peltier Hall