Common Access Issues

There are several possible issues that could prevent you from being able to access the library’s databases. This page will help you explore some of these issues.

Proper Username and Password
Your username is your myNicholls ID. Your myNicholls ID can be found in bold on the right side of the screen after logging on to Banner Self Serve.

  • STUDENTS – myNicholls ID is the first part of your email address (before the @ symbol).
  • FACULTY – myNicholls ID is typically your first initial, last name, and possibly a number.

Your Password  is your Banner N number (you must type the “N” and it must be capitalized). If you do not know your Banner N number, you should log in to Banner Self Serve. This information is in bold on the right side of the screen.

You may test your UserID and PIN by clicking here.

Did you get your Colonel Card?
The process of obtaining your Colonel Card provides us with information needed for your account. You do need your Colonel Card to checkout materials within the library. Distance education students can contact the systems staff for assistance logging into databases at 985-448-4635.

Good Standing with the Library
After a certain period of time, you may reach the maximum fine amount for an unreturned item. When this happens, you may be unable to access the library’s databases from home. Normally, a book or two that are only a few days overdue shouldn’t prevent you from accessing the databases. Please return your items in a timely manner to avoid this possibility.

You also need to be a current Nicholls student, faculty, or staff member to use the databases remotely. Anyone may use the library’s databases from within the library itself. Also, if you register late for classes it may take a few days to be entered into the library system. If you feel you are having trouble because of overdue items or because you registered late, please contact the Circulation Desk at 985-448-4654.

Most of our databases require the use of cookies.

Firewall Access
Often, a firewall may prevent access to the library’s databases. The purpose of a firewall is to limit the access others have to your computer through the Internet. Your Internet Service Provider may have a firewall that is not configured to all access to our proxy server.

Today, many users access the Internet from behind a firewall. Some DSL and cable modems have built-in firewall/routers. These would be hardware or physical firewalls. To configure them, you would need to refer to the documentation that came with the device. There are also software firewalls. These are often not as effective as a security measure, but are certainly better than no firewall at all. To access EZProxy, your firewall must allow access to ports 2048 and 2050 through 2400 on

A list of known servers that our database vendors use to provide access to our database materials is available at: This list is by no means comprehensive, but we have compiled what we know due to high level of requests for this information.

Pop-Up Blockers
You must turn off pop-up blockers to login to the library databases, at least the first time. This is because your actual login is secured and you must agree to accept the digital certificate from the server. You should accept this certificate permanently.


Out-Dated Bookmarks or Shortcuts
Due to fact the fact that databases are constantly updating and improving, we recommend that you use the URLs listed on the library databases page as these are the most accurate database links we have.

If you are still having difficulties, you may email the Reference librarian using the Ask a Question Form, or call 985-448-4625.