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Finding Books in e-Library

Ellender Memorial Library’s online catalog is called e-Library. To search for books, videos, periodicals, etc., simply click on the link from the library’s homepage. You may click on either e-Library or on the e-Library Power Search. The simple search allows you to search by author, title, keyword, subject, or periodical title. If you know the author or title of a source, or it is a simple keyword search, such as distance education or research papers, then the simple search will suffice.

However, if you wish to compose a complex search, such as finding books and videos about teaching children through play acting, or finding videos about investing for retirement, you would be better off using the Power Search. For example, to find the former, you could try either of the following:

word or phrase=education AND word or phrase=play acting
The above search returned 0 hits.

word or phrase=education AND word or phrase=role playing
The above search returned 7 hits.The important thing to remember is that searching effectively involves coming up with a search strategy, and that strategy will probably involve using various synonyms and similar terms to maximize effectiveness.By the same token, if you wanted to find videos about investing for retirement in our library, you might try the following:

word or phrase=investing AND word or phrase=retirement AND type=audio-visualUnfortunately, the above search returned 0 hits.

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