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Collection Development

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Collection Development Goal

The Library’s primary collecting goal is to develop collections of materials which support the broad range of academic endeavors of the University community. The focus of all collection development is on materials which expand the capability of the Library to support scholarship.

Acquisition Process

The amount awarded to each discipline is based on a variety of factors, including the total funds allotted to the Library, the instructional needs each department, the existing collections, and total number of students enrolled. A department may have a library committee or representative who will contact library faculty and be responsible for that department’s materials requests. Satisfactory use of the library book budget requires that requests be submitted to the collection development librarian early in the fiscal year, preferably before December 2. The final deadline for faculty book requests is March 15. Orders placed for requests made after this date may not arrive during the current fiscal year. Requests should be made on the electronic form available from the library’s web page. Forms must have faculty name and department, and include as much information as possible for the title being ordered. The material will be cataloged and added to the library collections when received. Textbooks or books required for purchase by students for a class are not normally ordered for the collection. The Library does not purchase reprints except as replacement copies for worn out materials that are deemed necessary to replace. Limited acquisitions funding prohibit extensive retrospective purchasing. The Library limits the purchase of multiple copies to those few exceptions where the circulation demand of a particular copy warrants additional copies or where Louisiana materials are concerned. Please check our online catalog, before putting in a request. We may have the book in the collection.

Gift Policy

The Library welcomes gifts of books, manuscripts, periodicals and other materials and money for the purchase of items which enhance existing collections, support the major instructional and research programs of the University, or deserve special consideration because of uniqueness, importance or value. Of particular interest are scholarly, current or rare items in good physical conditions which relate to subjects the University teaches.

Gifts and exchanges include all formats of materials as well as more formal gifts of collections made through the Library’s Archives. Policies for Gift and Exchange procedures as well as for the Archives are available and are updated on a five-year cycle or as required.

Gifts, outside the Archives area, are encouraged with the understanding that the Library reserves the right to accept, reject or dispose of any gift at its discretion. Gifts will be evaluated for possible addition to the collections according to the guidelines for selection outlined by this policy. The Library and its staff members are prohibited by Federal law from appraising gifts for tax deduction purposes. An acknowledgement of the the receipt of a gift, in the form of a letter of appreciation is sent to the donors. A record of gift materials, including name of donor, is kept on file. The provision of special gifts, including affixing special book plates, must be negotiated prior to acceptance of the gift.

The acceptance of a gift through Archives requires a more formal procedure with a collection assessment made by the Archivist and recommended to the Director for discussion. Once a collection decision is made the Director or a designee, will provide a formal acceptance of the gift and for the signing of a Deed of Gift form. Archival gift materials are accepted by the Library with restrictions to access, but are generally subject to the same policies as other gift collections.

The processing of Archival gifts is similar to other acquisitions, through the cataloging department and other archival accession policies. The processing of gifts parallels that of other purchased materials, once the gift has been selected for inclusion to the collection. The initial evaluation of gift items include replacement for worn copies, to fill-in incomplete journal holdings, for needed additional copies or for general use. Gifts inappropriate for our collection are designated for discard for exchange purposes. Items likely to be unwanted include: textbooks, scattered serial issues, single volumes of a set, or other formats not ordinarily acquired by the library.

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