Courtesy Card

  1. Applicant MUST have a valid Louisiana driver’s license AND be eighteen years of age or older.    NO other person is allowed to use your card.  Your card will be confiscated if an attempt to use your card is made by another person.
  2. Courtesy Card holders are required to get a Nicholls ID (Colonel Card) from the Colonel Card Office in the Student Union Building.  Please bring your library receipt to the Colonel Card Office during 8:00 am – 4:00 pm business hours.
  3. You must present your Nicholls ID (Colonel Card) each time library materials are checked out.
  4. You will be responsible for borrowed library materials until they are returned to the library.
  5. If a Nicholls student requests materials you have charged to your account, the materials will be recalled and you must return the items recalled as soon as possible.  (The library’s primary responsibility is to currently enrolled students.)
  6. You are permitted a 10 book maximum.  Normal circulation period is 21 days.  The due date is stamped on a card placed in a pocket at the back of each book.
  7. Books may be renewed in the library or online through the Library’s main page.
  8. Books cannot be renewed over the phone.
  9. Fines are $.25 per day per item with a $10.00 maximum per item. The library system will automatically generate a bill when the maximum overdue fine is reached (forty days overdue).
  10. Replacement cost for lost books is the average cost ($63.56) plus accrued fines ($10.00), and the processing fee ($5.00).
  11. Check out privileges will be suspended and your record will be barred from use any time you have overdue books, unpaid library fines, or if a RECALL is ignored.
  12. Overdue charges must be paid at the Circulation Desk at the time of return.  (If a return is damaged or lost, you will pay the average cost.  A refund will be issued if you return a lost book in the same condition it was in at the time of check out.  A lost book may also be replaced with the exact book in good condition.  A librarian must  inspect and approve the replacement.
  13. Your record is automatically barred from use when items are overdue or there are unpaid charges. Your record will remain barred until ALL items are returned and FULL payment has been made.
  14. Courtesy Card privileges can be renewed annually with the $12.00 fee or proof of current Alumni Association membership when you have cleared any indebtedness to the library.  There is no limit to the number of times a Courtesy Card can be renewed if the patron follows the lending regulations and remains in good standing with the library and Nicholls State University.




Revised 5/29/14