Library Privileges

For Faculty, Students, Staff, the Public, Retirees, and Alumni

Current Faculty, Staff, and Students have circulation privileges. This allows them to check out books, bound serials, documents, monographs, scores, CDs, and DVDs. Reserved materials can only be used in the library and can be checked out with a Nicholls Colonel Card. (See Circulation Rules) Print materials, e.g. articles and reports, are located using the online catalog. These materials can be copied, printed, or downloaded, depending on the individual item’s format. Privileges also include remote access to Library databases. Interlibrary Loan provides books and articles for patrons if the Library does not own or have access to the material.

In addition, students have use of a student funded fax machine and scanner.

Classes for bibliographic instruction, information literacy, or both are scheduled by appointment with the Head of Reference and Instruction and the Subject Liaison Librarian. Students, faculty, and staff may request individual research sessions with a librarian during regular library hours.

Finally, use of the Library’s facilities is another privilege. This includes computers, copy machines, microfiche readers, study carrels, study rooms, designated quiet areas, and leisure seating.

The Public, Nicholls Retirees, and Alumni have many of the same privileges as current faculty and staff. However, retirees, alumni, and the public do not have all the same privileges.

The general public is welcome to use Ellender Memorial Library’s books, journal collections, and computers. The public does not have checkout privileges but can use our copiers, printers and microfilm readers. Members of the public may apply for a Library Courtesy Card for a yearly membership fee of $12.00. Public users purchase Courtesy Cards from the Access Services desk in the library. Prospective users must obtain the physical card from the Colonel Card Office in the Student Union during regular business hours with a current Driver’s License and paid receipt from the Library. Courtesy Card privileges begin only when the holder is in possession of the card. The card must be renewed annually. A current Courtesy Card allows the holder the same check out privileges as current students, with the exception of Interlibrary Loan and remote access to the databases. Courtesy Card holders do not have use of the student funded fax machine and scanner.

In addition to general public privileges, Nicholls retirees have the same privileges as Courtesy Card holders. Retirees may use Interlibrary Loan. However, these privileges only commence when the individual obtains a retiree Colonel Card from the Colonel Card Office during regular business hours. These retiree cards must be renewed annually. Retirees do not have remote access to the Library’s databases and are not allowed use of the student funded fax machine and scanner.

Alumni members who have paid their annual membership fee will be granted Library access similar to those granted with a Courtesy Card. However, Interlibrary Loan, remote access to the Library’s databases and use of the student funded fax machine and scanner is not included. Alumni members must obtain a Colonel Card before receiving Library services.

The Archives & Special Collections and Government Information departments are open to all library users. However, material in the Archives & Special Collections department is non-circulating and can only be used in the Archives. The Government Information department offers both circulating and non-circulating materials. Please refer to their departmental policies for more information.

Ellender Memorial Library is an academic library, not a public one. Visitors and guests are welcome, but all patrons must always comply with the policies of Ellender Memorial Library and Nicholls State University.


Revised September 2014