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Study Room and Carrels Policy

To assist in meeting the study and conference needs of the Nicholls University students and faculty:

•   The Library has group study rooms and individual study carrels;

•   All study rooms and carrels are available through the Library Circulation Desk on a first-come/first-served basis;

•   All study rooms are for use by groups of three-to-six (eight in rooms with a table), though they may be occupied by one or two individuals until requested by a group of three or more;

•   Study rooms and student carrels may not be retained by leaving books, personal belongings, and the like while the user(s) leave for a break of any type (other than the short time it takes to go to-from a Second Floor restroom);

•   Study rooms and student carrels may be occupied by a group or single student for up to four (4) hours and must then be vacated, so other students have the opportunity to use the rooms and carrels.  Any group or single student who has vacated a room or carrel may use that or another room or carrel, if no other group or student is waiting for one;

•   Faculty carrels may, upon request to the Library Office, be assigned to and used by a single faculty member or graduate student for an entire semester (or academic year, as appropriate) and may, upon request at the Library Office, be assigned the following semester(s) to the same user, except that [i] anyone who has been on a wait-list for a faculty carrel (other than one who has had use of a carrel during the semester ending/just ended) will be assigned one before use of any carrel is extended to a current user and [ii] faculty (including any seeking extended use of a carrel) always have priority of carrel assignment over graduate students; and,

•   In their use of any study room or carrel, each patron shall (1) keep and leave the room/ carrel in neat-and-clean condition, (2) completely remove all writing, graffiti, and the like from any blackboard/whiteboard in the room, (3) comply with all rules concerning the use of and conduct in the Library, and (4) be responsible for the misconduct of those using the room with them.  Violators will be asked to leave the Library (if occupying a room/carrel) and may not use a study room or carrel for the following thirty days that the Library is open (or four months for repeat violations).



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