Study Room and Carrels Policy


•   The Library has individual study carrels;

•   All study carrels are available through the Library Circulation Desk on a first-come/first-served basis;

•   Student carrels may not be retained by leaving books, personal belongings, and the like while the user(s) leave for a break of any type (other than the short time it takes to go to-from a Second Floor restroom);

•   Student carrels may be occupied by a single student for up to four (4) hours and must then be vacated, so other students have the opportunity to use the rooms and carrels.  Any student who has vacated a carrel may use that or another carrel, if no other student is waiting for one;

•   Faculty carrels may, upon request to the Library Office, be assigned to and used by a single faculty member or graduate student for an entire semester (or academic year, as appropriate) and may, upon request at the Library Office, be assigned the following semester(s) to the same user, except that [i] anyone who has been on a wait-list for a faculty carrel (other than one who has had use of a carrel during the semester ending/just ended) will be assigned one before use of any carrel is extended to a current user and [ii] faculty (including any seeking extended use of a carrel) always have priority of carrel assignment over graduate students; and,

•   In their use of any carrel, each patron shall (1) keep and leave the carrel in neat-and-clean condition, (2) comply with all rules concerning the use of and conduct in the Library.

Study Rooms

Study rooms are checked out on a first come, first serve basis and are checked out only to faculty, staff, or students for up to 4 hours. Rooms may be renewed, granted no other groups are waiting to use the space. Access Services (AS) does not take reservations for study rooms, as doing so could prevent others from using a vacant space. Groups of two individuals may check out a study room with the understanding they could be forced to vacate the room if the space is needed by a group of three or more. If the room is checked out to a university employee, then the group may not be removed, so long as their room has two occupants. Groups of three or more cannot be removed for a larger group. Maximum occupancy is 10. Access Services must be notified of all patrons in a study room. If a group of two does not inform AS when another patron joins them in a study room and a group of three needs a room, the initial group will be removed. The patron checking out the room is responsible for all occupants and their actions.

Loud. Either reported by personnel or other patrons. 1st offense – Warning.
2nd offense – Removal from Study Room.
Food and unapproved drink containers. 1st offense – Warning.
2nd offense – Removal from Study Room.
Tobacco or alcohol. Violating patron escorted from the Library’s premises immediately.
Non-violating patrons removed from Study Room.
Excessive use of markers for non-academic purposes. 1st offense – Warning.
2nd offense – Confiscation of whiteboard box.

These violations and consequences apply per study room check session. If violations reoccur, patrons will forfeit study room privileges for the remainder of the semester.


Revised 5/6/2015