Internships — Step by Step
Students must register for MACO 390 and pay fees to receive credit for an internship.

  1. The intern has to send a letter to the adviser stating that he/she has been accepted as an intern. The student has to prepare a prospectus which includes the following:
    • Background of company.
    • Supervisor’s name and position.
    • What the supervisor does.
    • What qualifies this person as a supervisor.
    • Number of hours per week the intern will be working. (Minimum of 10, no limit above that)
    • Must state what duties and responsibilities will be.
  2. The supervisor needs to write to the supervising professor a letter stating that the student has been accepted as an intern and spell out the details and hours to beworked.
  3. The student gives the supervisor the appropriate evaluation forms (page 12-17) to be filled out at the end of the semester.
  4. The supervisor needs to write a letter stating how the student performed and send the rating instrument before the semester ends.
  5. The student will keep a clip file. This could include a scrapbook, tapes, portfolio,video, etc.
  6. The intern must keep a daily log by date, day and time (see form on page 11). At the end of the semester this is included in the clip file.
  7. The intern must write an internship report analyzing what was good and bad, what he/she learned, how beneficial the internship was and how the internship could beimproved. This report would be turned in with the clip file and daily log.
  8. All this will be due to the internship advisor by finals week.