The INTERNSHIP PROGRAM is designed to give students practical mass communication experience to accompany their classroom education.

In most cases, internships are taken during the summer between the student’s junior and senior years. The internship need not be an entire summer, although that is usually the best arrangement. Students receive credit in Mass Communication 390.

Internships — Step by Step
Students must register for MACO 390 and pay fees to receive credit for an internship.

  1. Complete internship TRAINING and within 18 months prior to applying for internship
  2. Pass internship Training EXAM.
  3. MEET WITH ADVISER to confirm completion of at least 18 hours of MACO course work, which, in the estimation of the supervising professor, adequately prepare the student for the position.
  4. Send APPLICATION PACKET to faculty adviser at least 3 weeks before to the start of the semester in which the internship will be taken, to include: Prospectus includes the following:
    • Letter to faculty adviser stating student has been accepted as an intern
    • A prospectus that includes the following:
      • Background of company.
      • Supervisor’s name and position.
      • What the supervisor does.
      • What qualifies this person as a supervisor.
      • Number of hours per week the intern will be working. (Minimum of 10)
  5. SUPERVISOR WRITES LETTER at least 3 weeks before the start of semester to the coordinating professor confirming the student has been accepted as an intern, specifying the details and the number of hours to be worked in the position.
  6. Adviser sends RECOMMENDATION message to Departmental Internship Committee confirming academic eligibility and submission of required documentation within 2 weeks before start of semester in which internship will be taken.
  7. Committee APPROVES application based on student prospectus and the supervisor letter.
  8. Student REQUESTS REGISTRATION for the course (the department will register the student), based on committee approval.
  1. Complete MIDTERM – present examples of work to coordinating professor; supervisor evaluation and student evaluation.
  2. Supervising faculty complete at least one ON-SITE VISITATION.
AT END OF INTERNSHIP 3 days prior to final exam date
  1. Submit WEEKLY LOG to coordinating professor.
  2. Submit PORTFOLIO of all work during the internship to coordinating professor.
  3. Submit final INTERNSHIP REPORT to coordinating professor.
  4. Submit STUDENT EVALUATION to coordinating professor.
  5. Submit SUPERVISOR EVALUATION (done online by work supervisor).