Photos & Words by William Guion (BA ’75)

Having worked in creative jobs much of my life, quiet time alone is no stranger.

In fact, it’s a good friend for most of my work projects. Still, the nearly deserted Nicholls campus has made my daily walks here feel like I stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone.

So, I used these odd circumstances to take a different perspective on the Nicholls campus.

I started recording the landscape and trees using a pocket-size, hand-held camera adapted to photograph the infrared light spectrum. With infrared photography, the light spectrum that we ordinarily see is stretched and transformed. This, makes things appear bright and otherworldly.

This seemed fitting for a time when the normal world seems suddenly vacant, quiet, and yet full of the fresh greens and shining energy of spring.

Empty yet full.

Fine-art prints of these photos of the Nicholls campus are available for sale through Guion’s website www.williamguion.com in the “portfolios” section. Guion will donate 50 percent of all sales of these prints to the Nicholls State Art Department to support their ongoing work with students.