Not even a pandemic can stop the Nicholls campus from evolving.

Our devoted maintenance staff have continued to move projects forward, even as faculty, students and most of the staff have been sent home. When you return, you’ll come back to a campus that is better and stronger.

Student Media Center to Open in the Fall

Construction has continued on Phase II of the Callais-Desalvo Convergence Media Center. Renovations are expected to be complete this summer, with doors ready to open in the Fall. This new student media center will bring the Nicholls Worth, KNSU Radio, KNSU-TV and La Pirogue all under one roof. It was made possible by a $300,000 donation from Tina DeSalvo-Callais and her husband, Corey.

Barker Hall Construction Underway

The $6.5 million Barker Hall extension project is noted for including the largest donation in university history at $2.5 million. Construction began on May 4 and is expected to be complete next spring. Once complete, the renovated Barker Hall includes office and meeting space for all 17 athletic programs, as well as new state-of-the-art facilities for football.

Phase II of Nicholls Greenhouse is Ready to Begin

Donor-funded Phase I of the Nicholls Greenhouse Renovation, which involves the classroom building, is underway. Phase II of the project, which will be paid for by the state, involves the glass greenhouse with hydroponic plant towers and other amenities. An architect has been selected for Phase II, and it is expected to begin after the completion of Phase I.