Graduate Studies

Grant Ordoyne, MEd

Coordinator for University Graduate Studies (BIS '15, MEd '18)

When did you fall in love with Nicholls ?

I was born a Colonel. My grandpa worked here years ago. My dad worked and retired from Nicholls after nearly 40 years of service. The moment I stepped foot on this campus, I fell in love with everything that this university had to offer. I received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from this institution. I’ve always loved this university, but I reached a new level of admiration when I started getting involved in student organizations and attending events. The more you’re invested in your time at Nicholls, the more you’ll get back from your experience. I bleed red and gray. Colonel Pride isn’t just a hashtag or slogan. It’s a true feeling; it’s a way of life, and it’s a level of admiration that is incomparable.

How did Nicholls make you feel more than a student?

Nicholls provides numerous opportunities for involvement. As a student, you have the choice to go to class and go home or go to class and immerse yourself in the Nicholls culture. That’s when Nicholls made me feel more than a student. With over 100 student organizations, there’s something for everyone. Taking that next step and becoming more involved can be truly beneficial to your overall Nicholls experience. You become a member of a family.

Do you still feel like yelling at people wearing LSU shirts on our campus? (But seriously, the movement went viral and caught the attention of news stations. Looking back at the Confused Colonels segments, how do they make you feel?)

Those years of calling people out are behind me. Sure, I get asked to recreate that moment from time to time, but the Colonel Pride on this campus is stronger than ever and it will only increase from this point on. I have faith in the Nicholls Nation that the “confused” days are behind us or at least far less common.

You chose higher ed administration for your graduate degree. What do you hope to do with that degree? What are your dreams?

I pursued my master’s degree because I want to continue working in higher education.
I want to make a positive impact on students’ lives, whether undergraduate or graduate, for years to come. Pursuing my master’s degree was an investment in myself and the students I work with each day. I am utilizing that degree in my current role as Coordinator of University Graduate Studies and aspire to continue to grow as a higher education professional. This field is ever changing. There’s something new and exciting daily, which makes it a true blessing to work in higher education.

Grant Ordoyne