Rhonda Lynn-Marie Avet

Management, 2006

Rhonda Lynn-Marie Avet remembered College of Business Administration faculty members advising students to go on every interview that they are offered. But she didn’t particularly want to interview with W-Industries, Inc.. To make matters worse, Avet thought she might be running late for her scheduled interview.

“I didn’t think the job was something I’d be interested in,” Avet says. “Turns out, it’s been a great opportunity, and I couldn’t ask for a better position right out of college.”

W-Industries, based out of Houston, hired Avet in June as its project administrator. Currently, she is working on a project on an oilfield platform in Houma. Avet handles all the paperwork pertaining to the project, including payroll, safety summaries, labor tickets, material tickets, purchase orders, drug testing, new hire packets and employee certifications.

When the current project ends in March 2007, Avet will have the option to move onto another project in Corpus Christi, Texas, or settle into the corporate office in Houston.

Avet says the real world discussions with Nicholls State University professors were probably the best learning tools.

“I like the fact that our department was much like a family,” Avet says. “We had our own community, and the help that we could get from professors and fellow students was just phenomenal. Also, as much as we all hated PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) charts in QBA, I see them on a daily basis here, and it’s amazing just how important those annoying things actually are in the real world.”