Miki Gauthe

Marketing, 2000

Miki Gauthe has not only found enjoyment being a salesperson but is also finding success; she has been the top seller for Environmental Safety and Health Consulting Services, Inc. since she was hired.

“I can’t express how great it feels to love your job,” Gauthe says. “I take pride in letting people know that I am a graduate of Nicholls State University.”

Gauthe said Nicholls marketing faculty members helped her master the different selling techniques she currently uses as a sales representative. She also credits Nicholls for providing her with opportunities to meet diverse individuals and teaching her how to balance her time.

“During my years at Nicholls, I learned the importance of being involved in many extra-curricular activities while juggling schoolwork at the same time,” Gauthe says. “The time that my professors dedicated to each individual student was phenomenal. They encouraged me to work with people from all backgrounds because the more people time I had, the better understanding I’d have of them.”