Learn to promote yourself as well as any company through the college’s marketing program. The curriculum allows students to learn basic marketing concepts and strategies for handling products, pricing, promotion and distribution.

102605-business-promo-06.jpgGeneral marketing students can then specialize through electives in:

  • advertising
  • new product development
  • services marketing

General Marketing  Degree Plans:

Why study marketing?

  • Marketing activities are used in many organizations. From 25 to 33 percent of all civilian workers in the United States perform marketing activities.
  • Marketing activities are important to business and the economy. Marketing activities help produce the profits that are essential not only to the survival of individual businesses, but also to the health and ultimate survival of the economy.
  • Marketing knowledge enhances consumer awareness. Marketing activities help us improve the quality of our lives. Studying marketing activities allows us to weigh costs, benefits and flaws more effectively.
  • Marketing costs consume a sizable portion of buyers’ dollars. About one-half of a buyer’s dollar goes for marketing costs. Clearly, if marketing expenses consume that much of the dollar, you should know how this money is used.