Careers in Marketing

Some of the career opportunities available to college graduates with degrees in marketing are as follows (if you are currently looking for a position, click here):

  • Sales and Consumer Service – Opportunities are available with manufacturers as well as wholesale and retail firms. Such a career offers a college graduate an almost infinite variety of duties as well as an opportunity for promotion to managerial positions.
  • Product Management – Many companies have given managers and their subordinates major responsibility in the determination of customer needs and the translation of these needs into a combination of goods and services designed to satisfy the demands of their market.
  • Marketing Research – This field has grown rapidly in importance over the past decade. People in this field gather information needed by management related to the marketing environment within which the firm operates, as well as data necessary for internal control.
  • Advertising and Sales Promotion – News media, such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other devices, hire marketing graduates to present goods or services to the potential market.
  • Small Business – A major in marketing provides excellent background for individuals planning to start their own business or planning to work in a small business situation, particularly in the area of retailing or services.
  • Buying-Purchasing – Increasing interest in many retail and manufacturing firms has been focused on the purchasing function. Most buying career positions require the bachelor’s degree and a period of training within a specific industry.
  • Government Agencies, Hospitals, Charitable Organizations, Schools and Universities – A large number of non-business organizations are rapidly recognizing the need for marketing managers. Thus, a number of public information, consumer relations, pricing analysis and marketing analyst positions are opening up in these organizations.
  • International Marketing – This field is concerned with the sales of goods and services in foreign markets. This may include working in the export department of a large company, working for an import/export broker or actual sales and marketing management positions in foreign countries. A significant percentage of managers chosen for international business management positions are recruited from individuals with a marketing background, because marketing is the business function that most directly deals with the business environment, both domestic and foreign.