Professional Sales Initiative/Sales & Interactive Training Laboratory

Professional Sales Initiative

The College of Business Administration at Nicholls State University has embarked on a Professional Sales Initiative with a threefold purpose:

  • Draw high-ability students toward sales careers.
  • Help students develop critical success skills through innovative curricula and facilities.
  • Promote sales professionalism in the Bayou Region by engaging area sales professionals in the PSI.

Students interested in sales careers can enroll in two programs designed to position them for success in the field of professional sales. Marketing majors can pursue a concentration in professional sales, while finance majors can pursue a concentration in financial services marketing.

The Marketing- Professional Sales Concentration (MKTS) includes three specialized sales courses (Professional Selling, Sales Management, and Advanced Professional Selling) in addition to other required and elective marketing courses.

The Finance – Financial Services Marketing Concentration (FIFS) for finance majors combines the knowledge of financial services products, typically taught in finance courses, with marketing and sales skills taught in marketing courses. Students in this program will complete three courses in both marketing (Services Marketing, Professional Selling and Advanced Professional Selling) and finance (Insurance, Investments and Real Estate), as well as courses in Income Tax Accounting and Money and Banking, and other required and elective courses.

These innovative new curricula are designed to produce committed graduates with a stronger foundation of professional selling skills.

As a sales professional, you can contribute to the Professional Selling Initiative by participating in role-plays, panel discussions, ride-alongs, the guest lecturer series, career days or the mentorship program.

In addition, your organization may be interested in providing an internship for senior students, or entry-level employment opportunities for graduates interested in sales careers.

Finally, the program is seeking sponsorships that will make it possible for students to travel to and attend sales conferences and compete in sales competitions. We are also seeking sponsorships that will allow Nicholls to continue hosting the annual Bayou Sales Challenge, to bring prominent sales training professionals from national organizations to our campus, to maintain state-of-the-art technology and to fully develop the potential of the initiative.

If you or your organization wish to participate in these or any other ways, please call 985.448.4175.

Sales and Interactive  Training  Laboratory

Those interested in professional sales learn what it takes to meet with potential clients and present their case without leaving the campus.

The Sales and Interactive Training Laboratory is a seven-room,corporate-style training facility consisting of:

  • a flexible-seating classroom,
  • five professional role-play rooms, and
  • a control room.

Each role-play room is equipped with a web cam that is used to record students’ selling behaviors. The control room houses a server which hosts the videos and faculty feedback, allowing for students to review (and improve) their sales skills. The laboratory provides one-of-a-kind opportunities designed to perfect your skills before they really count.

Funding for the laboratory’s technology was secured through a competitive grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents. Support for classroom renovations was been provided by Nicholls State University.

All furniture in the laboratory was funded by a generous gift from Bill Hornsby of The Hornsby Group of Metairie and the Northwestern Financial Services Foundation.