Nspire stands for Nicholls Students Promoting Industry and Real World Experience.  This relatively new group aims to connect students with professional experiences, advertise events for all organizations on campus, and sponsor events to better prepare students for future employment opportunities.  Membership is open to all Nicholls students. Nspire was created to ensure that students, primarily  but not exclusively, in the college of Business had an organization to join that would assist them in preparing for the real world.

We founded the organization based upon 3 objectives:

  • To be an advertising voice for all students.
  • To inform students about the various internship opportunities available to them.
  • Offer professional experiences to students such as mock interviews, resume building, guest speakers, and real world events.

Nspire plans events that benefit all students and meets every few weeks.  Contact Mrs. Laura Valenti (985-448-4187, laura.valenti@nicholls.edu) for more information.