Graduate Course Work

Required Courses (18 hours)

  • MATH 509  Logic and Foundations of Mathematics (cornerstone course normally taken in first semester)
  • MATH 510  Number-theoretic and Discrete Structures
  • MATH 523  Geometric and Algebraic Structures
  • MATH 584  Technology and Communication in Mathematics (capstone course normally taken in final semester)
  • MATH 578 Research in Mathematics Education
    EDFR 501 Education Research
  • MATH 580 Topics in the School Mathematics Curriculum
    EDCI 586 Advanced Methods in Teaching Secondary Education Subjects
    EDCI 589 Advanced Methods of Instruction in Secondary School Mathematics

Elective Courses (15 hours)
Elective course work is selected from approved course in mathematics, education, computer science, and/or physical science.  At least nine hours of electives must be titled  MATH.

The following are strongly recommended electives:

  • MATH 511  Calculus and Analytic Structures
  • MATH 573  Topics in the History of Mathematics

The following are recommended electives:

  • MATH 512  Probability and Statistics
  • MATH 570  Mathematics Modeling: An Experimental Approach for Teachers

Other approved electives include those in the following list. This list may not be comprehensive:


  • MATH:  405, 461, 530, 540, 557, 558, 589, 590

Computer Science

  • CMPS:  406, 410, 418

Education/Professional Development

  • EDCI: 580
  • EDFR: 503, 513
  • EDTL: 501, 503, 505, 507, 511
  • MATH: 577 (by permission of Department)


During the final semester or session, candidates for the M.S. degree must take a comprehensive examination; an oral examination may also be required at the option of the student’s committee if the student’s performance on the written examination is less than satisfactory. A candidate must be registered in the University for the semester or session in which the comprehensive examination is taken and must register for Mathematics 595. A candidate who fails the examination may retake the examination at the next or a later regular administration of the examination. No special examination will be given. No candidate will be permitted a third examination.