By Misa Gosserand

Bright sunlight shone through the window and onto the bed, rousing Emilia from her sleep. Her body moved from its curled up sleeping position and lay stretched out on the bed. The lavender silk sheet slid off her like floating water and exposed her naked body to the sunlight. Her eyes remained shut as a smile formed on her face from last night’s memories. Emilia slid her hands down her tan body slowly, tracing the memory of the hands that touched her. A sigh passed her lips. Her cheeks flushed bright red as the words spoken to her last night swarmed in her head,

She turned over on her side she faced the window. Pushing her cheek into the softness of the pillow, she yawned. Emilia reached her hand over to the other side of the bed to caress her lover, only to feel nothing but coldness under her fingertips. Her eyes shot open. The spot next to her was bare except for the fresh indent of a body. She sat up and looked around the room, her previous mood slowly leaving. The hotel room she was lying in was nice and comfortable with its cream colored walls and royal blue carpet. She hated it now. She gently moved her body into a sitting position and dug her toes into the soft carpet, soaking up the remainder of the moment before reality kicked in fully. With a stretch, she stood up and pulled on her ragged jean shorts and her white half-shirt, foregoing the bra. She glanced around the room. Her eyes landed on a pile of crisp, green $100 bills, and a bitter smile formed on her face. Emilia grabbed the money and shoved it into her pocket, making sure to wrinkle and damage it as much as she could.

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