by Chrystal Coon

Watch the azure skydrops kiss the sleeping earthchild. Her auburn lips aglow with rainbows. Her eyelashes swept with gold. The sea floor has become her prison, her home. Cursed by our destiny to stay confined until we one day meet. Guarded by a group of seven, but not for her protection. Condemned because I was born, imprisoned because we should not be. My touch would spread wildfires among her gentle trees. I know she weeps when she thinks of me. Her longing is unbearable, vibrations touching across time desperately trying to reach me. But there is not a way to her, not one easy for someone such as me. One touch to her world and I would fizzle, snuffed before all my fight gave out. The distance is too vast. We can’t continue like this.

"Test Subjects" by Lauren Matherne
“Test Subjects”
by Lauren Matherne